Habitat for Humanity - Building Homes, Building Families 

Habitat for Humanity International began in Americus, Georgia in 1976. Founded by Linda and Miller Fuller, former President Jimmy Carter is Habitat’s most famous spokesperson. Habitat International builds in the United States and all over the world. Locally, Habitat for Humanity of Burke County began building in 1988 and builds two to seven houses each year in all areas of the county. We work with people who live in overcrowded or substandard, unsafe housing conditions.

Habitat houses are not free. We sell our affordable homes to qualified applicants at a zero-interest mortgage loan. Habitat holds the mortgage and families make a mortgage payment each month to repay the cost of building the house. Using volunteer labor and donated building materials, the cost of a Habitat home is kept affordable.

Partner families are required to help build their house and the houses of others. Contributing up to 500 hours of “sweat equity” allows Habitat to truly offer a handup not a handout.